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Treat Symptoms Of Anxiety With Floatation Therapy

Treat Symptoms Of Anxiety
With Floatation Therapy 




Meet Martha Williamson, a successful Producer, Director and Screenwriter. She, like so many, began to experience symptoms of anxiety she just couldn’t calm on her own: Nervousness, persistent worry, trouble sleeping and concentrating, fatigue.

Martha’s experiences mirror how many of us feel in everyday life. We are bombarded with information, deadlines, noise, stress. This is one of the reasons sensory deprivation tanks are perhaps more necessary than ever before. “Desperation” brought Martha to floating, and here’s how she found relief from her symptoms of anxiety and discovered the many benefits of floating.

Symptoms Of Anxiety Melt Away In The Float Tank

“No sound. No smell. Nothing to feel. Nothing to see.”

Martha’s description is a perfect way to illustrate why we all need time in an isolation tank. In modern life, input is constant. Our minds and nervous systems are bombarded. The result? Stress, anxiety, insomnia. But, like Martha, we can find the exact opposite of all that over-stimulation in the float tank. Here, you can let go of DOING, and just be.

“You start to hear your heartbeat.”

Floatation therapy ( also known as sensory deprivation) is like a shortcut to meditation. By removing all external distractions, a float tank allows you to reconnect to yourself. Your breath, your heartbeat, your stillness, it’s all there. And it has the power to make you feel “free and relaxed.”

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“Absolute Peace.”

Martha’s profound description is no exaggeration. A foot of warm water. 1,000 pounds of therapeutic Epsom salt. Effortless floating. These are the simple ingredients that combine to create an experience that is life-changing for many. We all need a way to re-set, re-charge and relax, and flotation therapy is a simple, natural and effective way to do all three, and ease the symptoms of anxiety that many of us feel from time to time.

“…Be uplifting. Be positive. Find the good in people.” This is what’s important to Martha, and it’s what defines us at Just Float too. Floating helps us do this every day, it helps Martha, and it can help you too.