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Stress Relief With Floatation Therapy

Stress Relief With Floatation Therapy 


Stress, let’s break up. You’re not fun, you don’t let me sleep and you make me want to eat and drink way more than I likely should. It’s not me; it’s you! See ya…

Wouldn’t it be great if stress relief were that easy? Well, maybe it can be. Meet Paul Ottengheim, a teacher who was spending more time with stress than he really wanted to. He found an alternative at Just Float.

Stress Relief For Body And Mind With Floatation Therapy.

“What has it not done for me?”
Paul has found the total package form of stress relief. Floating eases the aches, pains and tension of his stressed-out body, AND it allows his mind to relax as well.

Add to that improved sleep, lower blood pressure and a sense of well-being, it’s pretty hard to overstate all the ways floating just makes you–and Paul– feel better.

“Let all that go.”
Teaching involves a lot of interaction, creativity, problem-solving and pressure. Paul, like many teachers, found that the stresses of teaching often got in the way of the joy. Through floating, Paul found a way to just focus on the “core idea” of why he’s teaching and to release the rest.

Many people discover a new perspective in the float tank that follows them back into life, changing the way they react to the bumpy parts of life.

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Floatation Therapy Is An Easy Path To Stress Relief

“You get into the tank, and those things we worry a lot about…just go away.”
Like Paul, most of us worry. Life is complicated and overwhelming, and our minds get pulled into the vortex. Soon, it’s tough to find a moment of peace, or to really be in the moment at all.

Floating gives us a place to stop thinking and just be. It’s an effortless way to manage stress that doesn’t require a ton of time, money or skill. You just step in, lie back, and let go.

Stress can make life feel like burden instead of a gift. But luckily, we have more ways than ever to find stress relief and feel better. Whether it’s time outdoors, exercise, laughter or floating, stress relief is just one choice away. Floating helped Paul find a more peaceful life, and it can do the same for you.


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