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Sensory Deprivation First Float Experience

First Float Experience With Sensory Deprivation



Meet Ann McClosky, a Just Float member who does a wonderful job explaining how each experience in the sensory deprivation tank is a unique adventure.

“Every time I float, it’s something different.”

As Ann shares, each float is unique. Each float meets you where you are. It’s an open door to explore whatever you need that day.

That being said, with each float, you will get more comfortable. You’ll know the process for getting in the tank. You can adjust light and sound if you wish. You’ll accept whichever version of you shows up that day. As with any new experience, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Sensory Deprivation Is the Key to Letting Go

“I have floats where I’m really gone.”

Like Ann, many clients lose all track of their physical selves. The sensory deprivation the tank offers is designed to help people let go.

The high salt content provides effortless floating. You can release tension in every muscle when you don’t have to fight gravity. The darkness and silence give your senses a break. Even the temperature of the water has a purpose. The same warmth as the surface of your skin, many lose track of where the water meets the body. Your whole nervous system gets to unplug.

“I have floats where I’m still really in my head.”

We’re so glad you said this, Ann! If your mind is still active when you float, you’re not doing it wrong. Thinking is what our brains like to do. But thinking in a sensory deprivation tank gives you insights you don’t get out in your normal life.

As Ann explains, these floats give her a chance to “slow things down and process.” Rather than just racing from thought to thought, the tank creates a space to just notice. Where did that thought come from? Is it true? Is it helpful? Is there another way to feel about this? You begin to guide your thoughts instead of just being controlled by them.

Sensory Deprivation Can Spark Creativity

“I have floats where it’s been really colorful…”

Sensory deprivation sometimes makes Ann’s mind entertain itself. With no input, colors, images, lights will sometimes arise within the mind.

Many people enjoy these experiences. But you can’t make them happen. Ann explains how she sometimes really wants colors and images, but she, “…just can’t get them to show up.” Thus our motto: Expect nothing. Let your float unfold however it wants to. Embrace whatever comes.

“It doesn’t get old.”

Ann says that floating is hard to describe because it’s always different. Floating offers endless benefits for both body and mind ( LINK). And your time in the tank is only the beginning. The positive effects of float therapy ripple into the rest of your life: Better sleep. Less stress. More awareness.

Whether you’re suffering from anxiety, insomnia or just general stress, floating helps.  If you’re looking for more creativity or a new perspective, floating helps. Sensory deprivation strips everything away, but somehow leaves you with more. Come see what it has in store for you.