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M M.
“If I could give Just Float more than 5 stars, I would… What a peaceful experience. I have never felt more ‘one’ with myself than I do after leaving Just Float… This is a MUST try, to all of you how are trying to decide if you should float or not.”

Deborah S.
“My float was ethereal. I didn’t see rainbows of color nor did I see a white. I was able to gently inhale the silence, peace, and serenity. I emerged with a wonderful sense of peace.”

Truc N.
“As you float, your sense of sight, sound, and feeling disappears and you just focus on your breath. Your mind and body drifts into the deepest state of relaxation… I felt refreshed, rejuvenated, and was on this euphoric high for the rest of the day.”

Ben K.
“Just Float is the cleanest and most professional float facility in the LA area.”

Kayla F.
“Loved this! Such a great experience. Anyone interested in floating for the first time, just do it. I floated for my first time… it’s unreal how relaxing the experience is.”

Mitch K.
“It’s such a pleasure for me to write this review. I’ve been floating at Just Float for the past month or so. Since I’ve started, I’ve noticed a lot of things changing in my life. I’m sleeping better at night, I’m feeling more relaxed and grounded during the day… Everything is clean. Impeccably clean and sanitized… And each float room is equivalent to being in a very high-end luxury spa.”

Melody S.
“I was drifting in and out of a dream the whole time. I lost track of time completely… What stunned me even more was how good my mood was the rest of the week, how much clearer I was able to think, and how much better my general energy was… Thank you, Just Float. You have honestly changed my life.”

Cindy R.
“It was incredibly relaxing… The water felt rich and incredibly luxurious… it was actually incredibly comfortable and soothing. The water was also great at soothing my achy body.”

Alec M.
“In the 60 minutes I floated, I went through about 5 or 6 ‘waves’ of lucid dreams, directed thought, and awesome mini-hallucinations. At one point, I could have sworn I heard music and at another, it was like I was floating in space, surrounded by stars. Totally unreal.”

John S.
“I left so much baggage I didn’t realize I was carrying, in that tank… Came out super energized. When they say it’s like defragmenting your hard drive, they are exactly right. Highly, HIGHLY recommended.”

Lark F.
“There’s so much salt that you will have no problem floating. You find the position you’re most comfy in and then you just…float.”

Christine H.
“It felt like a relaxing eternity. I felt like I was just in relaxation mode for days, and it is just what I needed after a busy work week!”

“Sometimes you gotta be selfish and put yourself first! This was the case for me last week when I woke up and thought, ‘hmmm, I feel like relaxing and getting my zen on’. This hidden gem is absolute heaven. The moment you walk in to the very clean facility, calm vibes are floating everywhere.”

Steve R.
“I tried Just Float a couple weeks ago, and was so intrigued by my first experience with floating that I came back with my wife, teenage daughter and her friend. My wife is usually very picky about things that have any contact with her body — massages, perfumes and such — so she was the one I was most concerned about. But she loved it, as did my daughter and her friend!”

Robert J.
Floating feels amazing in every way. And the best part is, I feel like I still have some extra sensory abilities 3 days after my float. The bigger ability being a far more conscious breathing. Because for most of the hour as I was floating, all I could hear was my breathing.

Nicole F.
“I am someone who has a hard time calming my mind and I multi-task a lot; but for the first time I think I was able to clear my mind without being asleep! I also really enjoyed the physical experience of effortlessly floating in the water. I felt very natural, free, and relaxed. I would highly recommend giving floating a try.”

Yvonne O.
“Your body slowly releases all tension and it is just you in pure silence and warmth.”

Jessica C.
“It is always relaxing, but somewhat unique dependent on how my mindset is, how my body feels, etc. It soothes tired achy muscle, great for post travel fatigue, emotional and mental detox… Everyone should try this at least once, even people who aren’t into meditation.”

Steven M.
“I’ve floated many, many times here and at other facilities, and this float center stands alone. The atmosphere, the staff, the mood, the vibe…..everything is perfection.”