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salt water tank
If there’s one reason above all others that people are reluctant to try floating, it’s that they’re nervous about what will happen inside the tank. All alone in the soundless dark, floating effortlessly atop soothing Epsom-infused saltwater… what will I see? What will I hear? So, let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about the elephant...
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  By way of introduction: I work in the entertainment advertising industry as a writer/producer, where since 2003 I’ve played a part on over 2K film and TV campaigns. My favorite part of the gig concerns the creation of taglines; the Haiku-like endeavor of finding and arranging the correct seven words (or less) that grabs...
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Recover Like an Olympian. Part of what makes the Olympics so mesmerizing to watch is how easy athletes make their events look. From Adam Rippon’s spellbinding skate to Chloe Kim’s gold (and back-to-back 1080s), it can be easy to forget how much effort these athletes put into perfecting their craft.
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