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Pro Athletes and Floating: A Winning Combination

In 2020, the Kansas City Chiefs took home their first Super Bowl title in 50 years. Would it surprise you to know that many players on this championship team have incorporated floating into their training? The fact is, some of the biggest names in sports today attribute part of their success to floating – and by the time you finish the next few paragraphs, you’ll know how it can help your game, as well.

They Float… They Shoot… They Score!

Joining the KC Chiefs, the New England Patriots, along with Julian Edelman and QB Tom Brady (who has a custom-built float tank in his house), floated their way to Super Bowl championships in 2019 and 2017. The Los Angeles Dodgers floated with Just Float during their dramatic 2018 season; Steph Curry, the Golden State Warriors, JJ Watt, several USA Olympic teams, and UFC fighter Pat Healy are just a few more of the many pros that utilize floating to achieve and maintain their competitive edge. For decades now (the Dallas Cowboys famously utilized float tanks in the 1980s), floating has made a difference for thousands of pros the world over. So what is it about floating that benefits all athletes, pro and amateur alike? While entire books have been written about the subject, we’ll broadly cover two of the basic athletic advantages to floating with THE INNER GAME – and maintaining PEAK PHYSICAL.

(Visualization, Stress Reduction, Focus)

Devoid of any outside stimulation while floating effortlessly in a few inches of saltwater, float therapy provides the perfect environment for athletes to work on their inner game. At the 1984 Olympics, Carl Lewis successfully used float therapy to visualize bringing home the gold medal for the long jump – and then (no surprise) did just that. Athletes like the Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry, meanwhile, spends tank time picturing hitting perfect 3-point buzzer-beaters in clutch situations – a talent that has helped keep the Warriors at the top of their game, and NBA champs several years in a row. (Check out our videos below to hear more about Steph Curry and floating.)


Confidence, visualization and focus – every game starts in the mind. One example: are you a golfer with a case of the ‘yips’ every time you’re on the course? Maybe you flub the short putts, because of nerves? Here’s how floating can help:

After relaxing into your float session, begin by visualizing all of the elements that go into a perfect golf shot – lining up, a fluid swing, where the ball will end up, and its trajectory on the way. Pro golfer Jack Nicklaus does this before every shot – he “lives” the game in his mind before ever bringing it to the course. No matter your sport, use time in your float tank to “go there” and visualize what excellence takes in your sport; we’ve met many amateur athletes who swear that their semi-regular floats have improved their games immeasurably.

(Recovery Time, Pain Reduction, Muscle Memory)

Since pro athletes regularly push their bodies to the limit, it makes sense that they’d seek out the most effective treatments for pain relief and recovery. Towards that, float therapy has been scientifically proven to reduce muscle tension, provide pain relief, and lower blood pressure. While a number of factors come into play, the soothing Epsom salts in every float tank help tired muscles recuperate and increase blood circulation – which in turn helps bring on faster recovery times. Add injury prevention to the long list of physical benefits, and it’s not surprising that athletes the world over have made floating a big part of their training regimen.


You probably don’t push your body to the limit on a daily basis – but the same benefits that apply to the pros can also apply to you. The same pain relief and shortened muscle recovery time that helps keep NFL players at their peak on any given Sunday can also help give you an edge on the golf course, the tennis courts, amateur cycling, or whatever your sport may be. Some of our members swear by the “Before and After” plan, where they float both prior to – and directly after – a sporting event. (Prior for visualization, relaxation, and confidence – after for pain relief and recovery.) 

And remember, you don’t have to be a pro to reap the benefits of floating. Because while you might not have Steph Curry’s jump shot and/or have your sights set on a Super Bowl ring, the peeps on your company’s intramural softball team need your game, as well. Interested in more info on sports and floating, or have a question we can answer on sports and floating? Drop us a line at info@justfloat.com – and don’t forget to schedule your float before your next sporting event, whatever that event may be. Go Float & Game On!

Steph Curry speaks to the impact of floating on his game