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"Healing Through Ceremonial Sound"

March 11th @ 6pm*

(must attend workshop to float)
(items booked separately)

Mastermind Mondays at Just Float are expert-led workshops with optional 90-minute floats afterwards that provide you, our Members, with even more tools for de-stressing and achieving peak life condition. (Workshop & Float times, details, etc. are listed below.)

This month, Mastermind Monday welcomes a very special expert: Just Float’s Experience Director Niko Luna- a devoted and skilled practitioner of a rare wellness technique called Ceremonial Sound Healing. With its roots in ancient Peruvian shamanic cosmology, ancestral wisdom, and modern healing principles, Ceremonial Sound Healing uses the rhythm and melody of instruments of all kinds on and around the body to process and release stagnant energy, to realign emotional frequencies, and to facilitate healing and insight on multiple levels. Our staff has been fortunate to experience the expansive benefits of Niko’s practice on several occasions- this is truly a physical, mental & spiritual experience not to be missed.

In this workshop Niko will discuss the history of Ceremonial Sound Healing, how it is different from other forms, and how his particular practice is unique. Guests will also learn how to incorporate the principles of Ceremonial Healing into the ultimate float, and most importantly, will experience firsthand a full 45 minute healing session!

There are only 21 slots available for this very special Mastermind Monday, and only 10 post-workshop floats available for guests to incorporate the power of their healing into the ultimate float. Make your reservation ASAP!

To learn more about what might happen for you during your 45-Minute Ceremonial Healing Session with Niko, read on…

(must attend workshop to float)
(items booked separately)

From Niko: “My purpose in sound healing is to use my natural ability and love for this work to offer a sacred space for people to relax, move inward, and engage in their personal version of shamanic work.”

During your Ceremonial Sound Healing, you may experience:

・Deep Relaxation
Release of Anxiety

Emotional Processing & Alignment
・Relief from Physical Pain
Deep Sleep

Connection with Internal Rhythm
Self-Directed Alteration of Mood or State of Consciousness
Infinite Possibilities based on your Intention

Only 21 spots are available for this Mastermind Monday (fewer than usual!) and these events regularly sell out. If you are interested, claim your spot now!

Please note: If you are attending, please bring a yoga mat/blanket to lie down or sit on, wear comfortable clothes, and be ready to relax!

(must attend workshop to float)
(items booked separately)

The Specifics

The Workshop
Doors Open @ 5:30pm*


  • A distillation of the science and research behind a specific Mastermind Practice
  • A hands-on demonstration in which you will have the opportunity to reduce the power of an active stress source
  • A take-home version of the practice for use in day to day life
  • Direction on using the practice to deepen the power of your float experience


  • 25 spaces available – reservation required
  • Members Only**, 1 additional guest optional
  • $25 Entrance Fee per attendee donated 100% to Charity: Water
  • Complimentary for Total Weightlessness Members & Guest

90-Minute Post-Workshop Floats

Each workshop is followed by a limited number of 90-minute floats, the ultimate chance to immediately apply the information learned in The Workshop into your greatest float ever.


  • 10 spaces available – reservation required
  • Opportunity to immediately apply Mastermind Practice to your Float Practice
  • Must Attend Workshop
  • $60

(must attend workshop to float)
(items booked separately)

Secure your space by calling our office at (818) 639-3572 with the name(s) of the attendee(s) and preferred credit card for prepayment.

* Out of respect to our Mastermind Practitioners and Guests we kindly request that you arrive by 5:45 to settle in. Doors will be closed (and locked) at 6:05 for our session to begin.

** Non-Member Waitlist: First-come, first-served. To sign-up, contact info@justfloat.com or calling (818) 639-3572

⁺ Should a conflict arise, a 24-hour notice is required for a full refund.