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Make your life a vacation!
Just Float wants this summer to be your most relaxing summer ever! 

If you have been thinking at all about experiencing the incredible benefits of floating regularly, now is the time!

A Luxury Float Membership at Just Float is the best and easiest way to treat yourself to peak wellness at the best value with the most perks we have to offer.

($20.19 per float for your first month*)
(Pricing good for all memberships)


Now through June 30th you can try any one of our Luxury Float Memberships for only $20.19 per float (a $79 value) for the first month*! Start your summer treating yourself right for as little as $40.38 for our 2 Float Memberships, or $80.76 for our 4 Float Memberships.

And the best part…

Whether you choose to go introductory or premium, it’s all the same price per float. That means you can get our flagship, shareable, 4 float Total Weightlessness membership (which comes with an additional complimentary float once a month for any guest of your choosing) for only $80.76- that’s a savings of 67% on your first month!

($20.19 per float for your first month*)
(Pricing good for all memberships)

Benefits & Perks

Floating is the ultimate in pampering your best you: less stress, better sleep, pain relief, creative enhancement, and so much more. Most importantly, it’s alone time for you, just you- and we make it easy, comfortable, luxurious and oh soooo relaxing.

All memberships include:

◦ Complimentary Birthday Floats for you and a guest
◦ Floats Roll-Over Month to Month
◦ First Float Guest Pass $40
◦ Special Retail Pricing
◦ Access to Members Only Sales
◦ Access to Members Only Events

Premium TOTAL memberships also include:

Shareable with a friend/family/partner
◦ One Complimentary Guest Float/Month
Complimentary Float Enhancers
◦ Complimentary Access to Mastermind Monday Events
◦ Floats Never Expire

($20.19 per float for your first month*)
(Pricing good for all memberships)

* The Fine Print:

  • $20.19 price applies to floats included in the membership for the first month only. Additional floats and renewal pricing are at normal pricing.
  • Three-month commitment required. 30-day notice of cancellation required thereafter.

Should you have any additional questions, please call us at (818) 639-3572 and a member of our staff will be happy to help you.