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It’s hard to be the Queen!✨

This Mother’s Day, give Mom the ultimate in Total Relaxation, Rejuvenation and Serenity.

Our Mother’s Day Care Bundle is almost as unique, special and thoughtful as Mom is. Almost.

The care bundle begins with 2 luxury floats mom can use anyway she wants. Whether you are celebrating your mom, your partner, or a mother figure in your life, floating is the unique setting for her to finally get the alone time she needs and deserves. No outside requests, nobody invading her space- just her, in her spacious suite, floating effortlessly, with or without music or light… whatever she wants!

After her float, mom can relax again and again whenever she needs it, with a soothing and calming Organic Crystal Candle from JaxKelly in San Diego, CA. Hand poured and made from 100% American farmed soy wax with a natural essential and fragrant oil blend, each candle contains a beautiful crystal inside of it for mom to experience lasting benefits.

Finally, as the perfect finishing touch (mom is great at those), Mom’s Care Bundle also includes a handmade Mama Bear necklace from our friends at Buffalo Girls in Spokane, WA. Founder & Cancer Survivor Ginger has created this piece to be adorable, thoughtful, and perfectly tough in just the right ways. Yup, just like mom.

**DON’T FORGET: for Moms-to-Be, a float suite is one of the few places in the world she can actually hear and feel her little one’s heartbeat in the womb, an extra special moment for connection!**

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(Limit 1 Bundle/Person)

For $119the Mother’s Day Bundle (valued at $194) includes:

Two 60-minute Luxury Floats
(value $158)

Organic Crystal Candle
(9oz 50-Hour Candle, value $18)

Hidden inside each candle is a beautiful crystal that radiates nourishing energy. Once her candle has burned, Mom can retrieve the tumbled stone and carry it with her, or put it in a special place to manifest special energy in her life. These candles are hand poured and made with 100% American farmed soy wax and a natural essential + fragrance oil blend.

Mama Bear Silver Necklace
(value $18)

This adorable, handcrafted necklace is 17.5″ of 16K white gold plated chain with a 3/4″ x 7/8″ etched stainless steel disc.  Lead and nickel free, to keep mama safe.

(Total Mother’s Day Care Bundle Value: $194)


*For a great way to continue your ultimate relaxation, receive 10% off our float packages and 20% off our shareable premium Total Weightlessness Memberships on the day of your special float! Ask your friendly Float Guide for details!*

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(Limit 1 Bundle/Person)

Unique Love for Mom!

Floating is a beautiful and unique experience to gift to the Mom you love this year.  Imagine the look on her face as you give her the gift of ultimate relaxation, a new kind of spa day. Will she know how great she is going to feel afterward, or will she discover it in her post-float glow? Will she know how great it will feel to make time for herself?  To relax without interference, to restore the energy she gives to those around her?

The Just Float Mother’s Day Bundle is an especially meaningful way to appreciate the countless hours, the sleepless nights and all of the hard work Mom has invested.  With this unique experience, and in an environment we are proud to say represents the highest standards in our industry for comfort, cleanliness, and luxury, we can’t wait for Mom to de-stress with us while she floats away from the stresses of her everyday life.

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(Limit 1 Bundle/Person)

Why Moms Need to Float

Floating is next level wellness. Our spacious float suites give you actual time and space entirely for yourself with no external stress coming your way. Clinical tests have proven time and again that floating results in a unique and powerful combination of benefits like none other.

In September, Just Float hosted an entire group of Mommy Bloggers.  Their Comments?

  • I have to say this is probably one of the most relaxing things I have ever done. And it was amazing. And now I am going to go pick up the kids and get stressed out again. Yay!
  • “I haven’t relaxed like that in years!!!  Thanks for hosting us and helping us get that much needed ‘me time.’
  • Great Morning, I slept so well.  Let’s go back soon.
  • Such a good time!! Telling everyone this is what I want for Christmas!

(Your Extra Gifts will await you at Just Float)
(Limit 1 Bundle/Person)

* The Fine Print:

  • Limit 1 Bundle per Person
  • Cannot be combined with other offers

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