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($20.20 per float for your first month)
(More Details Below)


Now through January 31st you can try any one of our 2 or 4-Float Memberships for only $20.20 per float (a $79 value) for the first month! Start this year treating yourself right for as little as $40.40 for our 2 Float Memberships, or $80.80 for our 4 Float Memberships.

And the best part…

Whether you choose to go introductory or premium, it’s all the same price per float. That means you can get our flagship, shareable, 4 float Total Weightlessness Membership (which comes with an additional complimentary float once a month for any guest of your choosing) for only $80.80- that’s a savings of 67% on your first month!

($20.20 per float for your first month)
(More Details Below)

Benefits & Perks

Floating is the ultimate in creating your best you: less stress, better sleep, pain relief, creativity enhancement, and so much more. Our spacious float suites give you time and space completely for yourself with no external stress coming your way. Clinical tests have proven time and again that floating results in a unique and powerful combination of benefits like no other when done consistently.

Benefits of a Routine Float Practice Include :

◦ Reduces Stress

◦ Promotes Deeper Sleep

◦ Eases Anxiety

◦ Reduces Physical Pain

◦ Enhances Mindfulness

◦ Increases Immunity

All Memberships include:

◦ Complimentary Birthday Floats for you and a guest
◦ Floats Roll-Over Month to Month
◦ First Float Guest Pass $40
◦ Exclusive Retail Pricing
◦ Access to Members Only Sales & Events

Premium (Total) Memberships also include:

Shareable with a friend/family/partner
◦ One Complimentary Guest Float/Month
Complimentary Float Enhancers
◦ Complimentary Access to Mastermind Monday Events
◦ Floats Never Expire

* The Fine Print:

  • $20.20 price applies to floats included in the membership for the first month only. Additional floats and renewals are at normal pricing.
  • Three-month commitment required. 30-day written notice of cancellation required thereafter.

Should you have any additional questions, please call us at (818) 639-3572 or email info@justfloat.com and a member of our staff will be happy to help you.