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Relax. Repair. Restore. Ultimate Wellness FIRST FLOAT Reservations RETURNING

Relax. Repair. Restore. Ultimate Wellness FIRST FLOAT Reservations RETURNING

Our Los Angeles luxury float spa will heal your body, mind & spirit from the stress of modern life, so that you can relax, repair, & restore.


Your float session takes place in your own private pool of mineral rich epsom salt water. As you relax, the salt in the water allows all body-types to naturally and effortlessly float, while providing lasting, measurable benefits to your body, mind & spirit. Oh, and most importantly, it feels… amazing.


Intro Float

Your chance to experience a 60 minute luxury float at an amazing introductory price. Welcome to physical, mental, and spiritual stress-relief all rolled into one. 



Floating is next level wellness. Our spacious float suites give you genuine time and space completely for yourself with no external stress coming your way. Clinical tests have proven time and again that floating results in a unique and powerful combination of benefits like none other.

▲ Improves muscle performance & recovery
Increases immune function
 Regulates blood pressure
Relieves pain & inflammation
Significantly reduces skeletal/joint pressure
Reduces effects of fatigue

Raises serotonin (mood regulation and much more)
Calms acute stress
Reduces long-term anxiety
Lowers cortisol (the stress hormone)
Eases depression
Reduces power and frequency of panic attacks

 Induces ultra-deep theta wave brain relaxation
Supports deeper & more restorative sleep
Resets Circadian Rhythm (Jet Lag Relief)
Boosts Awareness & Mindfulness
Sets the ideal internal stage for creativity
Removes all external distractions & stresses

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Premium First Float for $65

Welcome to Your Next Level Wellness

The Luxury Environment


Explore our Experience Menu.
From our $59 Introductory Float, to our easy-commitment Packages, to the incredible benefits & perks of our Premium Memberships, Just Float is committed to helping you find the perfect option for your needs, your time and your budget.


Is the Just Float Experience the same as sensory deprivation or isolation tanks?

It’s up to you: some guests prefer a more modern experience by enjoying soothing music and low lighting during their float. Others wish to engage in a more traditional float and completely disconnect by removing all stimuli. While in the 70s and 80s floating was known as sensory deprivation and our float cabins are technically isolation tanks, science is now showing that float tanks are actually a piece of sensory enhancement technology, a place where your entire system can focus on itself to cleanse, process, & reset. In addition, our Float Suites are spacious (8’x7’x5′!), and we have several options for float enhancements, so our guests have a wide array of options for how they can enjoy their time floating.

What makes Just Float a Premium Spa?

We represent the highest industry standards of service, technology, luxury, and cleanliness. Every square inch of our facility was custom built with your comfort in mind, and each member of our thoughtful and caring staff is dedicated to making sure your every need is met. These elements together help you float from the moment you walk in, until the moment you re-enter the outside world relaxed, refreshed, and restored.

How will floating help me?

Modern life is stressful for nearly everyone. Traffic, deadlines, constant connection to technology, not enough sleep… replenishing ourselves in body, mind, and spirit is an essential part of modern wellness. Floating reduces stress, promotes relaxation, improves sleep and gives us all a chance to unplug and recharge.

How often should I float to get the benefits?

Single and first floats can often be profound. However, there can be a bit of a learning curve requiring a few floats to feel totally comfortable. Also, floating has powerful cumulative effects and is becoming recognized as an essential part of an optimal ongoing wellness practice. Floating consistently will supercharge your long term physical, mental, and spiritual health.

What do I bring?

All amenities, including basic hair products, body wash, towels, robes, earplugs, and hair dryers are provided. You may wish to bring personal products you would use after you shower such as hair brush, deodorant or face lotion, as those are personal items we do not provide.

Do I need to wear a mask?

Yes! In order to protect this space for ALL guests, we will continue to require masks until further notice. You only need to wear it outside the suite as the rooms have their own individual air filtration systems. 

What if I fall asleep?

Many guests love to fall asleep in the relaxing world of a float tank. In fact, 1 hour of rest in the tank is anecdotally reported as the equivalent of 4 hours of deep restful sleep. Also, because of the high salt content, you will float completely safely whether you’re awake or asleep.

What if I am claustrophobic?

Our float cabins are incredibly spacious: 7 feet tall, 8 feet long, and 5 feet wide- plenty of room to stretch, sit, even stand if you want to. Also, like a room in your own home, you can leave the door to your float cabin open, and you can exit the cabin whenever you wish to- your float suite is completely private. Additionally, we have options for soothing music and low lights during your float. You have total control over your comfort.

What is your refund policy?

 Our goal is your total satisfaction. If you are not completely pleased with your experience, please let us know! If no solution can be found we will refund 100% of your money. Refunds for all purchases must be requested within 90 days of purchase.


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