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"Crystal Pyramid Sound-Bath Experience"

with Amanda Petro

December 9th @ 7pm
(Doors Open at 6:30)

(member discount auto-applied at purchase)

(Workshop included with 90-min float)

Experience first-hand the healing from a Crystal Pyramid! 

Amanda, who is known for performing sound healing in 108° heat, and driven by her obsession to hike with sound healing bowls on her back to play on mountain tops, has taken over 1,026 hours of training and keeps practicing, learning, teaching, and perfecting her unique talents to share them with as many people as possible. This month, she brings her healing to Just Float’s Mastermind Monday. Experience the power of this incredibly healing modality and hop into a float tank afterwards to make your experience even better.  It’s a rare opportunity not available anywhere else!

Sound Healing is incredibly powerful. It can release trauma, balance your mental & emotional states, ground your soul, and awaken your spirit. Amanda will be using Crystal Singing Bowls, Swinging Chimes, a Crystal Pyramid, and Steel Tongue Drums to create vibrations and enchanting sounds that resonate with your body’s frequencies. These tones interact with the crystalline structure of your blood, bones, and DNA promoting restoration on a cellular level. 

Sound Healings grow confidence in meditating. Our mind’s process billions of bits of information a second and meditation doesn’t come naturally. However, with practice over time you acquire a unique control over your mind and learn to harness its power in ways that are incredible.  Long term meditators consider it a super-human power. Sound vibrations provide your mind with something to focus on in order to easily and effortlessly drop into the experience of meditation. If you are still growing your meditative practice, use this unique opportunity to drop in fully! 

Amanda’s sound bath will completely submerge you in healing frequencies, with waves of vibration washing over you, carrying you freely out of the chaos of life and into the stillness of your mind, body and spirit. This is your body’s natural state and this mirrors what floating achieves so well.  Now receive your first “tune up” or come in for another alignment if it has been awhile since your last sound bath and combine it with a float for even greater benefits! Get ready for the holiday craze by taking some time for yourself.

This exclusive sound-bath has only 25 slots available, and only 11 post-sound-bath floats available for guests to experience the bliss of a post-sound-bath float.  Secure your spot now!



December 9th 7pm-8:15pm (Doors open at 6:30pm)

Workshop:  entrance fee per attendee donated to MAPS Psychedelic Research

  • General Admission $25
  • Essential Members $15
  • Total & Unlimited Members Complimentary
  • (Members may bring 1 guest at member rate)
  • 25 spaces available (RSVP required)

Add on a 90-Minute Float for $60 (workshop attendance required)  8:30-10pm

  • 11 spaces available (RSVP required)

(member discount auto-applied at purchase)

(Sound-Bath included with 90-min float)

The Specifics

The Sound-Bath

Doors Open @ 6:30pm*


  • Limited spaces available – reservation required
  • $25 Entrance Fee
    • $15 for Essential Members & Guest
    • Complimentary for Total & Unlimited Weightlessness Members & Guest⁺
  • 100% of proceeds donated to MAPS Psychedelic Research

90-Minute Post-Sound-Bath Floats

This sound-bath is followed by only 11 90-minute floats.  Obtain the ultimate in bliss by combining an extended session float directly following your sound-bath experience.


  • Limited spaces available – reservation required
  • Opportunity to immediately apply Mastermind Practice to your Float Practice
  • Must Attend Workshop
  • $60Additional

(member discount auto-applied at purchase)

(Sound-Bath included with 90-min float) 

Secure your space by calling our office at (818) 639-3572 with the name(s) of the attendee(s) and preferred credit card for prepayment.

* Out of respect to our Mastermind Practitioners and Guests we kindly request that you arrive by 6:45 to settle in. Doors will be closed (and locked) at 7:05 for our session to begin.

** Waitlist: First-come, first-served. To sign-up, contact info@justfloat.com or calling (818) 639-3572

⁺ Should a conflict arise, a 24-hour notice is required for a full refund.