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July 1, 2019
Picture this: you’re at home on the couch, watching TV, when an ad comes on for a new type of medication you’ve never heard of – but one that you should definitely “talk to your doctor about.” Over images of smiling and contented people from all walks of life (and prior to the obligatory and...
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As the practice of floating continues to grow in popularity, it’s no surprise to discover it’s made a number of ‘guest appearances’ in movies and TV shows along the way. And while we’re all for spreading the good word about the practice of floating by any means necessary, we definitely don’t want the float-curious-newbies out...
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Great ideas: you’re not exactly sure where they come from – but you definitely ‘know ’em when you think ’em.’ And whether your job requires you to be creative – or you’re just in occasional need of an ‘out of the box’ idea – the truth is, we all need a little creative help from...
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If you had a chance to read our sports blog, you know that many professional athletes attribute part of their success to float therapy. For other celebrity/famous floaters and their success stories, read on. Since the early days of floating, celebrities, creatives, artists, and other figures in the public eye have flocked to the practice...
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Perhaps you’d been looking forward to your first float for a long time. Perhaps you’ve been floating since the 70’s. Somehow, you found your way into our float tank, but what can you do to best carry that experience back out into the world with you? Many people emerge from floating with a deepened awareness...
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